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At Wah Yee Associates we believe that every architectural challenge has many solutions and that the chosen solution should be tailored to its unique set of physical conditions and the client's goals. This approach to architectural design has produced a succession of unique and enduring projects in the 55-year history of our firm. The projects range in scope from individual retail stores and restaurants to mixed-use developments and shopping centers in locations across the States.

Interior Design

We approach interior design as an integral part of a complete architectural solution. We have successfully achieved this integration in a variety of building types such as, retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices and healthcare.


Whether for a large-scale development or an individual building, planning may be the most important phase of any commercial development. We understand the importance of comprehensive site planning and have history of successful projects demonstrating our ability from individual buildings to regional shopping centers, mixed-use lifestyle centers and office parks.



Wah Yee Associates was established in 1961 with Two Principals, Wah Yee and Rourke Haas executing commissions for a variety of building types for Alfred Taubman.  They quickly established relationships with other key retail and office developers which brought early success within these rapidly expanding segments of the market.  As their developer clients grew in size, prominence and range of operation so did Wah Yee Associates.  The Firm quickly found itself working on major office buildings and regional shopping malls and centers all across the country.

Today Wah Yee Associates continues to build on this firm base of achievement.  While servicing our retail and office clients we have expanded our scope to include other building types; such as, Medical, Government, Restaurants, Research and Design facilities, Signature Corporate Office Interiors, Day Care facilities, Manufacturing and Warehouse facilities.

This success has not simply been a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  It happened due to hard work, careful planning and perseverance.  The hard work goes without saying.  This is the backbone of all successful business stories and involves providing superior service and the highest quality finished product regardless of the time and effort required and doing all of this at a competitive cost.  The Founding Principals realized early on that they needed a plan to set themselves apart from their competition.  Their plan was to build on their strengths of superior design solutions and providing excellent quality construction documents and to do this while maintaining their reputation for very short response time and excellent client relationships.  This Company philosophy enables us to survive the inevitable down turns in the construction industry, by relying on ongoing client relationships and a solid reputation for providing valuable services at reasonable rates, we are able to adapt to changing conditions in the local or national economies and to persevere.

In 1994 Wah Yee Associates experienced the biggest change in its history.  The original Two Principals turned over control of the company to a new management team and retired from the Firm.

The new team consisted of three principals, Kevin Haas, William Eland and Charles Fosse who shared equally in ownership of the Firm and in managing its operation.  Following the untimely death of Mr. Haas in 2017 the remaining two principals, William Eland and Charles Fosse are committed to continuing the firms well established tradition of providing superior, prompt, and high quality services. The principals have a total of ninety years of experience in architecture and plan to carry on the company’s philosophy and have a healthy working relationship with all of Wah Yee Associate’s clients.  While making some adjustments this new management team has retained long term and newer clients, which says a lot about their professional experience.



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“Thank you for the professionalism of your team, the cooperative nature of the design and build process and the advisory assistance that your team provided subsequent to our move in date.” 

—  William Bracken

Mitsubishi Electric

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