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Civic & Education

Social Security Administration                          11,300 S.F.

Roseville, Michigan


Social Security Administration                          11,600 S.F.

Clawson, Michigan


GSA / Cenus                                                        6,760 S.F.

Detroit, Michigan


Real Life Nursery School                                  10,600 S.F.

Canton, Michigan

(Activity Building)


Beginner’s Inn Daycare Center                        10,600 S.F.

Canton Township, Michigan

Immigrations Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.)      11,000 S.F.

Sault Ste Marie, Michigan


U.S. Navy Office                                                    6,560 S.F.

Stafford, Virginia


Real Life Nursery School                                    10,900 S.F.

Canton, Michigan


Real Life Nursery School                                    12,560 S.F.

Canton, Michigan


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